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Welcome to Black Mountains Counselling - you have taken a first step on your journey towards healing and change!




Rachel Philbrick

  • PGDip in Therapeutic Counselling (Integrative Pathway)

I qualified in 2014 from the University of Wales, and am passionate about my work. I have since achieved BACP accreditation status, validating my experience and expertise. I provide a safe, unconditional space for my clients, both individuals and couples, where they can explore their situation, express their feelings and move towards change. Prior to working as a counsellor. I had a long career as a drama therapist, project manager and advocate, supporting people with learning disabilities and neurodiversity.

  •  Couples Counsellor

I completed two courses with TherapyWorks, increasing my confidence to work with couples facing difficulty, conflict or relationship breakdown. I provide a safe, contained space where couples can express themselves, be heard by their partner, and hear what their partner has to say - building towards alliance and resolution.

EMDR is a recognised therapeutic treatment for the symptoms of trauma, including PTSD. Trauma can be caused by any life threatening or life changing event, and is characterised by the sense that the event or events are relived, the memories remain "live" and they can alter and restrict the way you live your life.

I am currently being trained and supervised as an EMDR therapist by The EMDR Academy.


I offer tailored training programmes to individuals and groups, eg around bereavement, mental wellbeing, creative approaches to counselling

  • EMDR Therapist

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